NeXt: Season 1, Episode 6: Mutation



A hybrid of “Alphas” and “X-Men,” episodes of NeXt are released in weekly 6000+ word installments plus one scene as a three-page comic. No other weekly serial combines prose and comics to create such taut action and adventure.

In the near future, when augmenting your body is a delicious taboo, Illumine Robotics is a name you can trust and Doctor Helena Lazarov has plans to change the human race. But with an Entrobot in every home, evolution occurs in minutes instead of millennia. So when a beat cop, a pastor, a doctor, a hacker and a stripper all wake up changed forever, they have no idea what to expect next.

All Angels of Anarchy serials are published weekly in a television-like format (with an ensemble of characters) written by a team if writers each in charge of her own characters. Check out all our serials at Angels of Anarchy and read them weekly or in complete season editions of twelve episodes each.

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